Shipping container conversions are becoming an increasingly popular trend all over the world. From a streel rusty box, these container modifications are completely versatile. They can be designed and built for any purpose, and can be transported from site to site, giving you the freedom and opportunity to move anywhere, anytime. Take a look at our top 6 shipping container conversions that we can build at Containify.  

#1 Shipping Container Cafe

Our first top shipping container conversion is a Shipping Container Cafe! This container cafe is built from a 20ft shipping container and is the perfect fit for a small, portable, pop-up cafe, with just enough room for display cabinets, bench, staff and coffee machines. It is a great way to make a bold statement and set you a part from the competition with the ability to be transported to different locations to suit your customers and maximise profits.  This means your can serve delicious toasties and warm coffee anywhere to you go! 

At Containify we can design your shipping container cafe to represent you and your brand with our most popular accessories such as display cabinets. benches, coffee machine, servery window, custom signage, timber cladding and so much more! For more information visit our Container Cafe Page here or give our friendly team a call on 1300 368 735.

#2 Shipping Container Bar

The second top shipping container conversion on our list is a Shipping Container Bar! A shipping container bar is a great way to stand out from the competition and service your customers anywhere! They are completely transportable and can be customised to your exact requirements. Our shipping container conversions are built from 10, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers with an extensive range of accessories.  We can add signage, colours to match your brand, servery windows, bar taps, shelving, fridges, or even a security lock box on doors and windows to ensure your container is completely safe when not in use. 


 All our shipping container conversions are designed and built right here in Australia. This allows our team to have complete control over the build process to ensure we deliver high quality shipping container bars on time, everytime! Call our friendly team today on 1300 368 735 to start your container bar project or visit our Container Bar page here. 

#3 Shipping Container Office

Shipping Container Offices are an emerging trend of 2021!! During COVID-19 many people worked from home which has created a an increasingly popular interest in shipping container offices in backyards and also for worksites. This shipping container conversion can be designed to include a bathroom, small kitchen, plumbing and electrical outlets. At Containify we will tailor the office design to fit your budget and needs. This is relatively a cheap way to add value to your home! 

Visit our Shipping Container Office Page here for more information on our designs and builds or give us a call today on 1300 368 735.


shipping container conversions

#4 Shipping Container Workshop

The fourth shipping container conversion is a workshop shipping container! Our workshop containers are usually built from a refurbished shipping container to keep at low cost and in our clients budget. These are ideal for use on construction sites or even just in the backyard to increase productivity, and work on some home projects. They can include many accessories such as escape kick panel, heavy duty tie down points, high security lock options, ventilation grills, stainless steel pegboard, mesh backing, electrical fitout, modular workbench & storage system, and more. 

Visit our Workshop Shipping Container Page here for more information on our designs and builds or give us a call today on 1300 368 735.

#5 Shipping Container Granny Flat

Containify’s granny flat shipping container conversions are manufactured to be highly durable, secure and robust. They are completely waterproof, safe and secure, providing a high quality living experience for as long as you need. Shipping container granny flats should include open plan designs, multi-functional spaces, built-in storage solutions, and natural lights (windows, mirrors and decks). This shipping container granny flat is a great example of an amazing design by Into The Garden Room. 

Check out some of our great designs by visiting our shipping container granny flat page here.


#6 Ultimate Shipping Container Conversions

The last ultimate shipping container conversion is this home studio! This is an innovative, new way, while also remaining a high quality having heavy duty structure that you can rely on for safety and versatility. We’ve designed and built many modified containers that will fit your lifestyle and you can choose pre-modified containers like this one. This is a great inspiration to the ultimate shipping container conversion from Into The Garden Room. Give us a call today to discuss your ultimate shipping container conversions on 1300 368 735.

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