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Shipping container bathroom pods

Its never a nice thing to think about but when you need to go, you need to go. Shipping Container ablution blocks are starting to pop up everywhere, music events, construction sites, office extensions and all areas where bathrooms are a most. You will be able to quickly design your very own ablution/toilet block with Containify completely free and submit your design to our large network of shipping container builders, who specialise in toilet blocks, washrooms, shower blocks, watering stations and ablution blocks. You will be able to design your ablution block in many different container sizes, guaranteeing the perfect solution the first time. In a 10ft shipping container, you will be able to fit a toilet, a hand wash basin and even a urinal. A 20ft or 40ft container, now you have room to get creative. Choose to add several toilets, a couple of showers and multiple hand wash stations. Separate the container in half and add a couple of personal access doors and now you have a male / female toilet and/or shower block. Shipping container ablution blocks should have: Commercial grade vinyl flooring or a non-slip steel floor – this will make cleaning a breeze. Adequate ventilation, by adding small vented windows above the toilets or a whirlybird. If your shipping container ablution block is going out in the sun, insolation can be added. Once you’re happy with your design and have received several free quotes from our shipping container builders. Construction and delivery should normally take about 4-5 weeks. Once the truck has delivered your new toilet block to you, the last thing to do is hook it up to the water, sewer and power if applicable. The common sizes of shipping container ablution blocks are:
  • 10ft shipping container measures:
  • 3,029mm long – 2,440mm wide and 2,590 high
  • 20ft shipping container measures:
  • 6,060mm long – 2,440mm wide and 2,590 high
  • 40ft shipping container measures:
  • 12,180mm long – 2,440mm wide and 2,590 high
  • Shipping Container Ablution toilet blocks are Strong and durable. As well as the ability to be moved or relocated quickly and easily. Adding quality fixtures and fittings ensure longevity, now that’s a royal flush. Create a free account now with Containify and receive multiple quotes within minutes.

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