Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers

Dangerous Goods s Shipping Container

Don’t Get Fined!

With fines up to $290,000 for individual offenders, if you store dangerous goods and substances at your workplace, please don’t wait for the EPA to knock on your door. Our Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers are a fully compliant solution and with a fast turnaround time.  Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers built by Containify are compliant to Australian standards and come in a range of sizes and classes to match your worksite.

Dangerous Goods s Shipping Container
Dangerous Goods Container

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are substances the are flammable, water reactive, explosive, combustible, corrosive, oxidising and any other hazardous properties. To find out if a product is a dangerous good you can:

  • Inspect the product safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • Inspect the label
  • Check the shipping or transport documents
  • Check with the manufacturer or supplier of the product
  • Make sure the product is not listed as a dangerous goods list in the ADG code
  • Have the substance tested in line with the ADG code
Dangerous Goods information pack

Head Spinning, We can help!

We understand that with all the different dangerous goods shipping container classes and multiple shipping container sizes out there, getting concise guidance and fast data is important! Containify takes the guess work out the process of by matching the right Dangerous goods shipping container and size for your chemical and hazardous storage.

Key Features

Depending on the class of Dangerous Goods Shipping Container you require, some of these features may vary slightly to be in line with our Australian standards and compliance.

  • Bunded floor and drainage attach outlets to contain spills
  • Multiple Locking options as standard to prevent theft or Tampering
  • Large ventilation grills around container
  • Rated tyne pockets on each unit for forklift positioning
  • Standard Safety yellow paint work
  • Emergency door release fitted to the inside for safety
  • Safety labelling Appropriate to the stored class

Shipping Containers are Perfect for Hazardous Storage

  1. Transportation – Moving a dangerous goods shipping container around Australia can’t be easier. With multiple options available rail, truck and ship. If there was a requirement to transport the container, this can be carried out cheaply and fast.
  2. Approved Modifications – Adding compliant internal shelving, explosion proof lighting or a overhead gantry are just some of the modifications Containify can install into your hazardous goods shipping containers to assist safety and productivity.
  3. Strong – Shipping containers are built strong and to withstand great forces. When we carry out the chemical storage conversion, the engineering and modifications maintain the containers structural integrity.
  4. Safe – The very design of a Dangerous Goods Shipping container is to protect the product inside and to follow the strict guidelines outlined in our Australian standards. Maximum circulation of fresh air, spill control through the bunded floor and non-spark flooring are just a few of the safety features.

The Right Chemical Storage Solution

Containify will provide a solution and container size for any chemical storage need. From a 10ft dangerous goods shipping container to store paints and thinners. Right through to super large 40ft side opening unit with overhead gantry to move 1000L IBC’s full of liquid fertiliser by hand. Find the specifications and sizes you need.

Dangerous Goods Size Comparison Chart

Dangerous Goods container

Compact & cheap


Dangerous Goods Container

best value


Dangerous Goods container

huge capacity

Dangerour Goods Comparison


Dangerous Goods container

Compact & cheap


Dangerous Goods Container

best value


Dangerous Goods container

huge capacity

Different Classes of Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

  • Class 1 – Explosives AS2187.1-1998

Explosives are materials or items that can quickly catch fire or detonate from a chemical reaction. Explosive reactions can produce catastrophic damage through hazardous amounts of heat, sound, gas, smoke, and gas. Some explosives that need to be stored in a class 1 dangerous goods container is: Flares, Fuse, Primers, Igniters, Rockets, TNT and fireworks.

  • Class 2 – Gas Storage AS4332-2004

Gasses can be very dangerous and can be toxic, corrosive, flammable and can even deplete oxygen in the air. The Australian standards define this as a substance with a vapor pressure of 300kPa or higher or at 50 degrees celsius or is completely gaseous at standard atmospheric pressure of 20 degrees celsius. Common examples of class 2 dangerous goods: Aerosols, insecticides, methane gas, and helium.

  • Class 3 – Flammable Liquids AS1940-2017

Are flammable liquids with a flash point no higher than 60 degrees celsius. Common examples for flammable liquids are paints, ethanol, perfume, acetone, adhesives, and gasoline.

  • Class 4 – Flammable solids AS/NZS 5026-2012

There are 3 sub divisions within this class, Flammable solids, substances liable to spontaneous combustion and substances which emit flammable gasses when in contact with water. Some examples of class 4 products would be, sodium batteries, matches, sulphur

  • Class 5.1 – Oxidising Agents AS4326-2008

This class of dangerous goods has a high oxygen content and are often reactive materials. Some oxidising agents can be explosive if heated strongly. Substances while in themselves are not necessarily combustible but may contribute to the combustion of other materials.

  • Class 5.2 – Organic Peroxides AS2714-2008

Organic Peroxides are hazardous because of their ability to chemically oxidise matter and even living tissue. Organic peroxides are thermally unstable and can emit heat and give off vapours, flammable, or harmful gasses. Some examples of this class would be, Peracetic acid, Dibenzoyl peroxide, Acetyl acetone peroxide, butyl peroxydicarbonate

  • Class 6.1 – Toxic Substances AS/NZS 4452-1997

These are poisons that can damage the human body and must not be allowed to find its way inside, trough swallowing, breathing through contact with skin. This class are liable to cause death or serious injury. Common examples are, chloroform, lead compounds, mercury compounds, potassium fluoride, tear gas substances.

  • Class 8 – Corrosive substances AS3780-2008

It is very important to store corrosive substances in a safe and compliant way. They can cause severe damage to other materials, property, and the human body. A segregated dangerous goods shipping container with its own spill containment is required. Some examples include batteries, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and sulphides.

  • Class 9 – Miscellaneous goods AS/NZS 4681-2000

There are substances that present a danger of hazard and are not covered by the other classes. Some examples of class 9 dangerous goods are zinc oxide, lithium ion and genetically modified organisms, fuel cell engines , plastics moulding compound.

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With a great understanding that, each business if different and so are their Dangerous Goods Shipping Container needs. Compliance and Safety are our top priority and matching the right container to your hazardous storage requirements. Containify will never offer a generic solution instead insist on knowing all the data and our advice accordingly. Dangerous Goods Shipping containers can be dispatched quickly so please call today to talk to a consultant.

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