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Modified Custom Shipping Containers

Custom Shipping Containers always come from a need, a need to expand a business’s capability both onsite and remotely. A family needing extra space to house a growing family with a shipping container granny flat or an events company looking for a mobile solution to travel with them like a shipping container office or ablution block. Every day Containify has customers come to them asking, “can I modify a shipping container to solve this need” and the answer is always yes.

The great thing about modified shipping containers is that no two are the same and why would they be, everyone’s needs are different and with different needs and different locations comes variations in design and thinking. One of the best parts of Containify’s modified shipping containers is that we get to solve these needs and put forward real solutions every day.

If you have a question reach out to the team at Containify they are standing by to help guide you at every step of the way. From “Can we build a half toilet block half shipping container office “ or “ I want to install this equipment into a modified shipping container so it can travel with me “ whatever your need is we have you covered with a real solution.

Custom Shipping Containers

Australian Designed and Locally Built

Having your modified shipping container designed and constructed here in Australia means that your build will be built with all the Australian compliance and regulations in mind. This is a very important point to make especially if you are looking for a solution for any commercial purposes, such as a shipping container café, a shipping container mining camp or a shipping container house.

If you are looking for a solution that solves a problem or require a design that will be sent your customers through your door, then reach out to Containify to design a modified shipping container that is perfect for your needs.

Custom Shipping Containers

Custom Shipping Containers

Building your modified shipping container with Containify, the possibilities are endless. Work with a team that always puts you and your needs first, from transparent quoting and project build management that makes you feel that you’re in full control of each step of the build. Choosing Containify to do your next modified shipping container project will be a smart move, the difference is in the detail.

With Containify if you can imagine it, we can design and construct it. You will be surprised with just how straight forward organising your next modified shipping container can be with our team. We take the time to understand what is important and put forward multiple options that are guaranteed to impress.

Custom Shipping Containers

Eco-Friendly Modified Container Special Projects

One of the most rewarding things about modified shipping containers is having the opportunity to take advantage of upcycling products in an ecofriendly way, granted some jobs more than others but when a client comes on board looking for a truly eco and completely upcycled solution from example, a bush cabin made from 100% recycled and upcycled products the team at Containify get a little spring in their step. There is something magical about creating something beautiful from used and upcycled product.


Custom Shipping Containers

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Graham Henderson

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