Shipping Container Granny Flats


Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers

Shipping Container Granny Flats

The shipping container granny flat movement t is alive and well, and converting shipping containers into granny flats, mining camps or even a complete container house seems to be getting more popular with every month that passes. Shipping Container Granny Flats does not need to be just a granny flat it could be, a modified commercial container kitchen, a shipping container lunchroom to house a work crew or even a bit of everything for a remote area. Shipping container accommodation is such a great solution for so many reasons and Containify can design and build these for you to suit your specifications and needs. Call us today to discuss your options for a custom designed shipping container granny flat. 

Different options for Shipping Container Granny flats

Containify can design and construct a range of shipping container granny flats(Secondary suites) to suit your site and accommodate the people you need to house. A basic 20ft container is a great option, with a lovely kitchen and ensuite and nifty space saving ideas for the remaining space. Maybe a 40ft modified container, constructed with multiple bedrooms for mining camp or an on the road crew accommodation setup. If a shipping container house is more your style, talking with the Containify team can be an amazing experience and can save a lot of time and money in the process. Our team will be with you through every step of the way. 


Temporary Shipping Container Accommodation

Shipping container accommodation can also be a great and affordable option for farmers looking to accommodate seasonal workers while the work is on. Just like a mine site accommodate these units can have as much or as little as you require. Containify can design bulk house container setups, complete with toilets and a place for cook food or individual shipping container houses comfortable for 1-2 people to crash out at the end of hard day work.

What if your workers could travel with their accommodation, think of the potential company savings knowing that there are no worries with booking accommodation at every site and not to mention the downtime in travel? This is why shipping container granny flats and container accommodation, in general, is so popular, that can be built normally within 8 weeks and custom-designed for your needs.

Shipping Container Granny flats

Ever thought of putting a shipping container granny flat in your back yard? Thousands of people have not only thought of this great idea but have acted and now successfully receiving great annual returns on their investment. Containify can design 1 or 2 bedroom container granny flats, in line with your budget and we will manage the entire process from design to delivery. Your container granny can have inclusions such as air conditioning, outside decks, great kitchen facilities and comfortable bathrooms.

Don’t have much space but need to accommodation the teenagers? We can design a double-stacked shipping container accommodation set up for those teens, living downstairs and separate bedrooms upstairs. By doing this we double our living space while keeping the same footprint and a large garden shed.

Ready to take the next step?

Start Designing your Modified Shipping Container today with our leading edge 3D container builder software. We have a substantial range of shipping containers available, such as cafes, bars, ablution units, granny flats, site offices, dangerous goods and custom builds. Utilise our unique 3D container builder to custom design and bring your Modified Shipping Container concept to life. Bring us your ideas and we will turn your design into one which meets all regulatory requirements and ensures you have the modified shipping containers of your dreams.

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