Shipping container workshop
Shipping container workshop

shipping container workshop

Create, Build and Inspire

Create something amazing with a Shipping Container Workshop

Design the right solution for your companies needs or DIY dreams. A Shipping Container Workshop to build, repair or create and with our 3d walk through you can create something amazing. Include workbenches, shelving and windows. Include additional entrances, lighting, ventilation and customise the space for storage and specialised equipment. With your Shipping Container Workshop ideas and our easy-to-use software, you will be in your workshop sooner than you know.

|Australian made
|Built to commercial code and standards
|Quotes from local national companies

shipping container workshop

Design and suppliers

The CEO’s purse strings are always tightening, and the pressure is on to find the right site solution that will get signoff from head office quickly and keep the boys on the ground happy and comfortable. Design your next shipping container workshop with Containify and the hard work becomes so simple, design your shipping container workshop the way you want and receive multiple quotes within minutes. Leaving you to run your business rather than it being a full on project you need to give costly resources too. To begin designing, just click ‘Begin creating now’.

Easy to use software
Estimated build price as you go
Get the right builder for your industry.

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Our engine

Cutting-edge software that is easy-to-use.

Design complex Interiors and exteriors within minutes  eliminating all the learning curves associated of other traditional CAD design software platforms. Containify software gives you the ability to design, technically accurate shipping containers. Without the need of a draft person, complicated how to’s and learning curves of traditional CAD design software platforms.
  • Live price estimator as you design your modified shipping container
  • Upload your own landscape background photo to bring your design to life.
  • Support and Chat integrated in the builder when you need it
Drag and drop easy to
Never have to pay for a
Ultra fast Response

true connection

Multiple quotes from Australia's best builders

Once designed, the final step is pressing “Submit for Quote” button. Creating your containers list of your detailed specifications and construction ready elevations, to automatically send to hundreds of Australia’s best-modified Shipping Container builders .

Our builders are carefully selected to provide you with high standards of service, build quality and industry reputation.

|The largest network of suppliers
|Stringent approval process  
|Construction Quality plans

3 easy steps to containify

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Click REGISTER to create your own free account. Each account can have up to 3 saved designs at any given time.


The design software gives you all the tools at your fingertips. Create your new office, workshop or café today. 

Submit for quote

Press “Submit for quote” For 5 Free quotes and get connected to our verified modified shipping container builders .  

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To 100's of builders from around Australia

Can’t contain it any longer? Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves! Below you will see an ever- growing list of frequently asked questions, information and guidance that will help you get your project off the ground and make the process very easy. If you have a question that you can’t see the answer for, please do get in contact we us. If we don’t have the answer on hand, we will find it and together we can share the information with others.

To covert a shipping container can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Containify’s design software will take into account the market average price for each component, so as you build you container the price changes based on what you add or subtract. Once you have finished your design you then can click submit to get formal quotes to contract. This is where you can look at your market average compare it with your quote and haggle for the very best price.
If you set aside 10 minutes assuming it’s your first time using the software, this is all the time it takes the basic account set up is extremely straight forward and by the time you have finish you cup of coffee you have professionally designed your modified shipping container. The software is constantly evolving and getting easier to use so the next time you design a container you’ll be done in 5.
Absolutely, the software is compatible with all devices, Apple, Android, Windows and Mac. The software has been designed for a larger screen so a mobile phone maybe a little to small just now to design effectively but tablets, laptops and desktops you’re going to have a blast.
Though is will work on you mobile a larger screen such as a tablet, laptop or desktop will be our recommendation just now. There are so many options you can add to your modified shipping container, far too many to fit into a mobile phone screen
Everything we do at Containify must past the 6-year-old and the 60-year-old test. If it doesn’t then the software is not intuitive enough and its back to the drawing board. Now we now the gen Y are going love this but it’s a great feeling to see young and old folks taking to the software with in minutes and really enjoying creating.
Of course, we are here for your and with multiple ways to talk or chat with us Containify support team are just a click away. Go to our contact us page for a few options to get in direct contact with the team.
An NBN connection will be perfect, you don’t need the fastest connection getting around. If you’re a first time using the software can take a minute to load, once loaded if you were to come back another day to complete the software will load instantly.

100% Containify has invested in wonderful software to encrypt all data stored. Being a
completely free site to log in and design no credit card information is collected but the
piece of mind of our customers and so important that the little info we get is locked
down tight.

We plan on handing you up to 5 quotes, this way you can feel the market out completely. Some will be cheaper, some will the quicker and some may come with a few extra bells to win your business. The choice is yours as to who you choose to do business with.
Its so simple click “Start Creating now “enter your name and your email and your done. The design software will load, you select the size of shipping container you wish to work with, and you select items to go in your build by clicking and dragging them into position. Once your done and you wish to receive formal quotes based on your design and estimated build cost you click “submit” and within minutes some amazing shipping container companies will be in touch with their quote.

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