Shipping Container Workshops


Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers

Shipping Container Workshop

A shipping container workshop can be custom-built for so many applications. Whether you’re the home hobbyist needing space to move, fix or create or maybe your business that could do with extra space, one that can move with you. A container workshop can be the perfect fit, Containify will work with you to design and build the right solution and to maximise every part of the container.

At Containify we work closely with you to develop the right container workshop solution. Priced great and quick to construction your shipping container workshop will be in action before you know it. The Container workshops can come fully turnkey, in most cases, there will be no need to have any trades on the side to finish, everything can be done in house.

For Business or Industry, a shipping container workshop can make perfect sense, maximise productivity and keep your guys on site for longer. With a completely transportable and relocatable container workshop, your container can always be meters from the action. Save money and increase productivity with Containify.

Container Workshop Built to Last

A shipping container workshop needs to be tough and ready to stand up to anything you need to do inside. Containify works closely with you to fully understand your requirements and puts only the right solution forward and only the best builders, build a Containify designed container workshop.

Container Workshop Ideas and Options

  • Three sizes available 10, 20, 40 foot in length
  • Two different heights available 8,6 and 9.6 foot high
  • Completely Custom built perfectly designed for your needs
  • Bring the inside, outside with a fold-down deck or awnings
  • Australian build and designed to Australian standard.
  • Very secure, your gear will be safe
  • Easily transportable / relocatable

Container Workshop Accessories

  • Heavy-duty workbenches
  • Custom tool lockers and storage
  • Lights and power outlets
  • Custom shelving to maximise storage
  • Multiple entry options: roller doors & awnings

Design your own Shipping Container Workshop

Why order a container workshop “off the shelf” when Containify can design and build a shipping container workshop just as fast and much cheaper. Don’t settle for just ok insist on only the best and work with a team that truly cares, and this shows in our build quality. With Containify’s design team add great accessories like air conditioning, insulation, and security grills over your windows. The possibilities are endless when working with our design team to create the perfect container workshop. read our article Why shipping container workshops are popping up everywhere?

Ready to take the next step?

Start Designing your Modified Shipping Container today with our leading edge 3D container builder software. We have a substantial range of shipping containers available, such as cafes, bars, ablution units, granny flats, site offices, dangerous goods and custom builds. Utilise our unique 3D container builder to custom design and bring your Modified Shipping Container concept to life. Bring us your ideas and we will turn your design into one which meets all regulatory requirements and ensures you have the modified shipping containers of your dreams.

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