Cafes built from Shipping Containers



Australia loves their coffee, and small business owners are doing very well with a shipping container café. It’s really such a great way to stand out from the crowd and offer the customer something a little different. When creating your shipping container café through Containify you build it the way you want it to look or what’s best for the site its going to.
If you have ever thought of being your own boss a shipping container café is the perfect solution. If you have a spot to place your cafe, a caravan park, a construction or work site, in a park, or even a block of land. You could be open for business within 4-5 weeks from creating your design.
If you are a business looking to extend your brand or bring in additional revenue streams what a wonderful way to do so by having a shipping container café fitted out with your corporate colours and signage.

As a general rule the breakdown of costs will be looked at in percentage terms:

30% - Cost of Goods​

This is the cost of the goods that will generate revenue with in your business. E.g. Coffee, Milk, Food, ingredients etc.

25% - Wages​

This is the cost of staffing including payroll tax and superannuation.

10% - Rent​

This is the cost to rent the area the shipping container café will go on and any site put goings.

15% - General Costs​

This is the cost of any items that need to be purchased that won’t generate income for the business E.g. Cleaning products, stationary, etc.

20% - Net Profit ​

This is the amount of profit you should aim to generate after all running costs have been allocated.

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