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The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Container Sheds

This Guide to shipping container sheds will cover off on some of our popular designs and more importantly why our clients chose a shipping container shed instead of obtaining a permanent structure. At Containify we custom build each of the shipping container sheds to suit your specific needs, this means nothing is out of the question when it comes to a shed solution for your site.

Shipping Container sheds primarily come in 3 standard lengths, 3m, 6m and 12m. These lengths can be cut down to specific sizes if required to fit your worksite or backyard. There is a shipping container shed to fit any budget. Whether it be the heavy industries, or the ever so growing backyard hobbyists- transforming their ideas in a secure space that will not only look great but will also last a lifetime.  

Not to mention, the man shed or she space where you can create your little slice of paradise to suit your needs, or perhaps a games room for the family and guests. The list is endless when it comes to creating your shipping container shed!

Shipping Container Shed

Shipping Container Shed on the Farm

Our Australian primary producers have endured endless obstacles and heartbreak over the past few years; fires, droughts, floods, vermin plagues to name a few. When capital finally does come available to invest in new equipment for the farm, they look for great value above all. We work closely with our primary producers to delivery a shipping container shed that will stand up to REAL WORK and a design that will lasts. As well as deliver a product that is excellent value for their hard-earned coin.  

A very popular design of shipping container shed with our primary producers has a steel roof over two containers. This allows us to convert one side into the shed, equipped with and accessories the farm requires. On the other side makes for a great storage solution, awesome security, vermin proof and watertight.

Are you a primary producer and you have been thinking of a shipping container shed for your farm? Containify would love to give back to those who look after all of us so well. We are honoured to offer an instant 5% discount off the total price of your build.  DISCOUNT CODE: FARMER2021

Quickly Expand your Commercial Workspace

Is your business growing? Or that shipment has finally come in and you need another processing area? A shipping container shed, can be a simple area with basic fittings, or we can containerise a complete solution to quickly expand your commercial workspace.

Consider adding several windows, internal wall linings and an air conditioner and let’s turn the shipping container shed beautifully into a shipping container office. Anything is possible if you find yourself in the position where you need to expand and fast!

Shipping Container Sheds come in all different sizes, from a 10ft container right through to multiple containers stacked together with a roof joining. Sheds of all different sizes, it just depends on what you need to protect and store. No matter how big or small, Containify has the solution.

The Mobile Shipping Container Shed

Shipping Container sheds can be designed in a way so they can be towed around from site to site. Imagine having your team get to their next worksite to carry out a project and their shipping container shed has been delivered the day before. Full of all their vital equipment necessary to get the job done fast and effectively.

Popular designs of mobile shipping container sheds have handy modifications to the exterior such as fold down work benches and power outlets. Having the ability to conduct work and store equipment in one centralised space saves time and money. Storey machinery or lifting gear is simple with internal compartments and shelving.

The Garden Shipping Container Shed like no Other

We have all been there, we’ve all looked at those flimsy zinc garden sheds and thought, “not a bloody chance”. Not to mention that feeling on finally getting your breath back after looking at a fixed Colourbond shed option. A shipping container shed fits nicely in the middle when it comes to price. Completely customisable to store all lawn equipment and the kid’s bike.

Some of the biggest benefits to the Shipping Containers shed is that the container can me moved really easily, this means you can keep your shed when you move house. A 20ft or 6 meter container has up to 37 cubic meters of capacity! This is an amazing amount of storage space – you may even get that car of yours, back into your garage when you’ve cleaned it out!

If you want to have the Containify team create the best garden shed for your backyard, reach out today. As a special offer to help reclaim that double garage you’ve been hoping to get back. Use DISCOUNT CODE: GARAGE2021. Containify is very happy to be giving away free tilt truck delivery for all new shed orders!

Tips to get Started

Here are pointers and tips on getting your shipping container shed started. Containify can assist with any council approvals where necessary in order to make the process very ease and smooth.

  • Firstly enter your details ( with your Discount Code ) onto the enquiry form.
  • Before one of our consultants’ calls, get some inspiration from our list of modifications
  • Expect a call same day from one of our consultants who will advise on a great solution.
  • Discuss with your consultant the location you wish to place the container shed.
  • Shipping Container Sheds on average take 3-4 weeks to build and deliver.
  • Lastly, enjoy the many benefits of owning a shipping container shed.

Order Your Shipping Container shed with Containify!

We understand that each shipping container shed will differ depending on the individual’s intent. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Containify are here to listen, advise and produce the right solution to meet your expectations. With passionate consultants dedicated to their customer, you’ll be in safe hands with Containify.

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Modified shipping containers

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Container Sheds This Guide to shipping container sheds will cover off on some of our popular designs and more importantly

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