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Do Shipping Containers make Great Garden Sheds?

Storage space in our houses are becoming scarcer with every month that passes, therefore a secure
lockable shed is almost a must for any backyard today. Every tinkerer at heart needs a
workspace that they can call home or just to store their gardening gear.

Start your Shipping Container Shed Design today FOR FREE

Start your Shipping Container Shed Design today FOR FREE

Estimated build cost as you go and receive 5 free quotes from local builders!

First of all, like most things in life you can have a choice, and this is no different for getting a new shed in your backyard. In this Article we will cover off on some popular options out there when it comes to locking up that mower or storing those tools. A shed can be a place to unwind and relax in or a place that work simply gets done in, either way you need to be sure you’re getting the right solution for your needs.

Shipping container shed

Building a Shipping Container Garden Shed.

A Shipping Container Shed can be a far cheaper option than alternate garden sheds on the market
today. A shipping container can be modified to make the perfect garden shed for your backyard and
built the way you want it because you designed it. Build heavy duty to withstand a lifetime of work
at sea, as well as being extremely secure and customisable.

Multiple Sizes Available

The 3 most common shipping container sizes you will be able to work with are the 10ft container. After that, a 20ft container and finally the 40ft container. All 3 options you will have the choice of Standard Height 8.6ft high or High Cube 9.6ft high.

Great for Collecting Rain

Shipping Containers are designed so that the water flows off the roof and over the sides of the
container. In other words, why not install a few gutters and a water tank and as a result you now have free water for your garden.

Turn that garden shed into a “Man Cave” or “She Shed”

Men and Women are flocking to the idea of getting their own space to create, inspire or design.
Therefore, start your Shipping Container Shed today for free with Containify and furthermore receive 5 free quotes to build your Zen place or Sports Cave.

A Shed for the Gardener

Design a place to store your mower, shovels and rakes. Add some shelving to your design for a
controlled environment to grow seedlings. Why not install a workbench and a large glass sliding window looking over that beautiful garden of yours and now you can work anytime.

Shipping container shed

Is a Shipping Container Shed right for you?

They don’t come flat packed.

No, you will not be able to go to your nearest hardware store and throw it in the back of your ute. In
most cases if you want a straight forward delivery, a 3m minimum clearance down the side of your
house will be required to get your Shipping Container Shed into your backyard.

You can’t transport them without help.

If you ever want to pick your container up and move it to the next location it can be a little
tricky for the untrained. Moving these Containers can be really straight forward if you know
what you’re doing. Putting them on rail, truck or ship to move your shed to its new location in
a snap and surprisingly cheap. If in doubt, contact your container builder, they will always
have a logistics department and will be too happy to make the bookings for you.

They can heat up in the sun.

Yes, they are a steel box after all. Hence they will get hot if not Insulated or ventilation is installed. I have spent many a week inside a shipping container in the middle of summer and thank God, someone had the great idea to control the temperature by adding some vents and a whirlybird to draw air through the container.

Start your own Shipping Container Shed Design.

Step 1: Design Your Container Shed in under 5 minutes!

If you already haven’t, log in and create a Free design account today. Now we need to think about how your Garden shed needs to look! Workbench and window to the north over the vege garden or a
large glass sliding door to let in all that light? Above all, take your time with this and have a little fun playing around with a few options until it’s perfect. With Containify, while you build you will see an estimated build cost, certainly brilliant if you want to build to a budget.

Shipping container shed

Step 2: You may want to speak with your Local Council

Often your Local Council will allow a shipping container to be used as a Shed on your block of land.
As you go further into regional areas and away for major cities, certainly you will find your Shipping
Container shed will be able to get bigger. On the other hand, if you are in a built-up area your council may limit you to a 10ft Container shed. Above all best call to double check.

Step 3: Get your ground ready for Delivery.

The space you plan on having your Shipping Container Shed delivered to ideally needs to be flat, I
mean super flat. There are so many great ways to not only prepare your site but have something the
container can sit on when it turns up. First of all, crushed rock is a cheap and easy way to prepare a pad for your Shed to sit on, it will level out good and provide drainage when it’s wet. Another option is small concrete piers, because they are a great long term solution. Finally adjustable steel piers can be great for sloping ground ( a hiab truck may be required for sloping ground – ask your building for further advise ).

garden shed

Step 4: Work out the final details with your new builder

Congratulations, you have selected one of our awesome builders to complete your job. They
must have done something pretty special to have stood out from our crowd from our 100’s of
brilliant builders.

Step 5: Your Container has turned up on site.

By now you have probably seen multiple photos of how your shipping container shed is progressing and now the day has come. Your container builder will have booked the truck in and the truck driver has just rung to say he’s 30 minutes away. Make sure the path is clear and take another last look to see that there aren’t any overhanging branches that may hit your shed as the truck drives past. The driver will unload the container you just need to point to where it needs to be positioned.

Step 6: Start filling it up

You’re all done, and all you really needed to do was spend 5 minutes designing and 10 minutes convincing your children you’re not play computer games, you’re designing a new shipping container shed for the backyard. Finally, now you can decorate, to make it a space to enjoy working out of. A Shipping Container Garden Shed designed by you!

Start your Free Design Account today

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Shipping container shed

Modified shipping containers

Do Shipping Containers make Great Garden Sheds? Storage space in our houses are becoming scarcer with every month that passes, therefore a secure lockable shed

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