1. Shipping Container granny Flat can be extremely cost effective and quick to build, when you use Containify to connect you to the best builders and at the best price. The Converted shipping containers are easy to delivery and will come in most cases 95% complete.
Shipping container granny flats can be built for off the grid use, for those who are looking for a small secure dwelling on their bush block or can be connected straight into mains for an elderly parent or teenager that needs their own space.

2. Shipping container granny flats can be a smart way to significantly increase your passive income through weekly rental income. In some cases, an owner could see 40 -50% returns on their investment per year. In NSW Granny flats have been made easier to build, Due to council’s approval process on all residential properties in just 10 days. As for the rest of the states in Australia, it will be a quick call to your local council.

3. Granny flat shipping containers are becoming more frequently used. Due to their low cost and their ability to be transported with ease. The aesthetic look of a modified shipping container is very much in vogue and can give and a nice industrial chic look to any property.

4. Shipping container granny flats are built tough and durable, the average “Used” shipping container that you might see around, you know the ones covered in rust and dents. These containers on average have seen 15 years of hard work at sea with all that salt water and getting loaded and unloaded on the wharf with heavy machinery. When you buy a shipping container granny flat the container will be “single trip” container meaning it will do one trip into the country and then modified into your granny flat. This ensures your shipping container granny flat will stand the test of time and be extremely secure.

5. Shipping container granny flats can be built using 20ft or 40ft containers, or a mixture of both. With normal in factory build times of 3-6 weeks you can be set up with you shipping container granny flat on site before you know it and the best part of all, the estimated savings can be as high as 50% compared to building something similar onsite.

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