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Shipping Container Bar

Attention all entrepreneurs who want to open their bar and existing bar owners that want a cheaper way to expand their brand. A modified shipping container bar is completely mobile and a far cheaper to construct than other alternatives. Our Shipping Container bars are all uniquely designed for each of Containify’s customers, we can provide complete turnkey packages or fit-outs ready for your equipment. Shipping container bars have become extremely popular of recent years due to there ease of move from location to location and their ability to be modular in design.

Shipping Container Bar

Benefits of a Shipping Container Bar

Building a shipping container bar with Containify has many benefits, firstly a modified shipping container is so strong and built to withstand a lifetime of work. When a shipping container is modified, they look amazing, turning heads and will naturally attract customers that walk by. In today’s market, you need to be different to get the edge on your competition and nothing screams different than a shipping container bar. You will be amazed by what you can fit into a modified shipping container and space you will have to accommodate a few staff within your container bar.

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How long till I can be open for business? Shipping Container bars can be built normally within 8 weeks, sometimes sooner depending on the season. Once delivered to your site and the electrician and plumber have finished their finishing touches your open for business. Don’t forget that your shipping container bar can be relocated very quickly and easily, making for a truly mobile solution.

Why not add a second story to your shipping container bar, an upstairs viewing deck or large screens for your customers to catch a game of football? If you have a few ideas and wish to discuss it further please reach out to the team.

Shipping Container Bar

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"Building a shipping container granny flat was a solid
investment in my backyard."
Graham Henderson

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