Do Shipping Containers make great Tiny Houses?

There are going to be some positives and negatives to building a tiny house out of shipping containers. In our experience, the positives far outweigh even conventional tiny home designs. After all let’s face it, when you use a shipping container it will be stronger, last longer and will look so much cooler. Below we will look closer at some of the positives and negatives when using a shipping container to construct a tiny house. 

Shipping Container Tiny Houses are going to be a BIG thing in Australia over the next 5 years, you’ve heard it here first. I just love traditional tiny houses, even more Shipping Container Tiny Homes. I’m amazed to see people’s creativity not to mention the weird and wonderful designs they come up within the Free Containify Design App. 

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6 Positives about building a Shipping Container Tiny House

Shipping Container prices have come down a lot over the past couple of years in Australia. If you wish to get a shipping container tiny house with a bit more character, why not look at a used one. As a result they will usually start off at a couple thousand in the capital cities and working their way up to around the $3000 mark for a new box.

They make really cool looking Tiny Homes

It’s like every other day someone is posting photos of their own unique modified shipping container. Generally speaking the possibilities are just about endless, from different paint jobs, oversized windows and fold-out awnings. With Containify, the space you design is the space you can build.

Upcycling is so good for our Environment

Everyone deep down really cares for our environment. Furthermore up-cycling a used shipping container is a great way to reduce global waste. As a matter of fact even a “new” shipping container has been used to cart stock around the world once or twice. 

They don’t take that long to complete

Did your know you can design your shipping container tiny house in minutes, with Containify. Submit for your Free 5 quotes from the best local and national container builders in Australia. Pick your favourite builder and have your container completed in about 5 weeks.

Shipping Containers are just about Indestructible

A shipping container is built to carry over 20 ton and is designed to be stacked 9 high. Also with 3m thick Corten steel walls and their 30mm thick marine grade plywood floors. They make the perfect canvas to cut and grind doors and windows into and still retain their awesome structural capabilities.

Shipping Containers are very Secure

As it stands, when locked up you will be doing it very tough to break into a shipping container. Now once you start modifying your tiny house and if security is an issue, simply choose windows and doors that give you that peace of mind. With options like steel shutters and security grills.

You can double stack shipping containers

There are several ways you can stack shipping containers quickly, safely and cheaply. All of which will double your living space and in most cases. While maintaining the same footprint as a single shipping container.

A Few Drawbacks to shipping container Tiny Homes

They can get hot in summer.

On the negative side they are steel boxes they will get hot if not Insulated or Air Conditioned. I have spent many a week inside a shipping container in the middle of summer and thank God, someone had the great idea to control the temperature by adding an Air Conditioner or Insulation. You can have that steel box feel like a temperature control luxury apartment instantly.

The width is sometimes a little Narrow.

With an internal width of 2.35m, it’s imprtant to realise you need to be mindful of your space. You could just join 2 containers side by side and problem solved but if this is not an option, Space-saving furniture will be your best friend. For instance one of our great builders just finished a small granny flat this week and installed gyprock internally. Painted it white and It was truly amazing how spacious it felt inside.

Shipping Container Tiny House prices can add up.

I know, I’ve heard it so many times. “But you can buy a shipping container and under $2000“. This is true but what people don’t take into account is the trades that get involved in building and completing your modified shipping container. The best way to get the very BEST build cost is to design your shipping container tiny house through Containify. The builders are selected for their amazing gate out finished quality and their awesome prices and service. Receive 5 free quotes and you can be confident the builder you choose will be the best for your build.

You can’t Transport them without help.

Moving these Containers can be really straight forward if you know what you’re doing. Putting them on rail, truck or ship can get your house to its new location in a snap and surprisingly cheap. If in doubt, contact your container builder. They will always have a logistics department and will be too happy to make the bookings for you.

Create your own Shipping Container Tiny House

Step 1: Design Your Tiny House in under 5 minutes!

If you already haven’t, then log in and create a Free design account today. Now we need to think about how your tiny house needs to look! One bedroom or two? Kitchen facing the north over the vege garden or a large glass sliding door to let in all that light? Take your time with this and have a little fun playing around with a few options until it’s perfect. With Containify, another key point as you build you will see an estimated build cost, just brilliant if you want to build to a budget.

Step 2: Speak with your local Council

More often than not your local Council will allow a shipping container tiny house on your block of land. It can be classed as a Granny Flat, a portable building or a relocatable dwelling. Ring to see what “ Keyword” your council likes the best. Pay your pound of flesh for the permit ( normally a couple hundred ) and you’re right to go. Your Shipping Container Builder will take care of the rest.

Step 3: Finalise your Shipping Container Tiny House Design

The council may give you some directions and this may require adjusting your design. Once completed submit your design through Containify and 5 of the best Container Builders in your area will respond with formal quotes for free. You may save thousands with one builder or get better add on’s with another. At the end of the day, you have the control and they are wanting your business.

Step 4: Get your site ready for when it turns up

The space you plan on having your Shipping Container delivered to ideally needs to be flat, I mean super flat. There are so many great ways to not only prepare your site but have something the container can sit on when it turns up. Crushed rock is a cheap and easy way to prepare a pad for your tiny house to sit on, it will level out good and provide drainage for when it’s wet. Small Concrete piers are a great long term solution and adjustable steel piers can be great for sloping ground ( a HiAb truck may be required for sloping ground – ask your building for further advice )

Step 5: Work out the final details with your new builder

Congratulations, you have selected one of our awesome builders to complete your job. They must have done something pretty special to have stood out from our crowd from our 100’s of brilliant builders. Now you can decide on paint colours, internal finishings, all those lovely things.

Step 6: Your Container has turned up on site.

By now you have probably seen multiple photos of how your shipping container tiny house is progressing and now the day has come. Your Container builder will have booked the truck and the truck driver has just called to say he’s 30 minutes away. Make sure the path is clear and one last look to see that there aren’t any overhanging branches that may hit your house as the truck drives past. The driver will unload your container, you just need to point to where it needs to be positioned.

Step 7: Connect the Power, Water and Sewage

Step seven should always be carried out by licensed professionals. Book in the last of the trades to come after delivery to hook your new Shipping Container Granny Flat to freshwater in, wastewater out and electricity.

Step 8: Move-in

You’re all done! and all it took was you spending 5 minutes to design through Containify and 10 minutes convincing your children your not play computer games “you’re designing a new shipping container tiny house” to living in. Now you can move in, decorate to make it a home and enjoy your Brand new shipping container tiny house, designed by you!

Create your own Shipping Container Tiny House

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