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Got a small business and need a trendy space to work out of? Well you’re not alone, thousands of Australians are using modified shipping containers for this very reason. Pop up shops, pop up bars, cafés and kiosks just to name a few. It’s an unconventional form for marketing that is interesting to customers and because of this, some of the largest brands in the world now have a modified shipping container Pop up shop as part of their branding and generating awareness. Pop up shops if done well can not only be amazing convertors of customers walking past but can get real viral exposure through social media for their unique way of promoting business.

Want a funky salon on your property? You already have loyal clients and you’re over hiring a chair at the local solon. Design a Shipping Container Pop up shop with our free and easy to use design software and get multiple quotes in no time at all. Your build will take 3-4 weeks to construct and deliver. Tell your clients your open for business and you will be a successful small business owner in no time.

What about a groovy store front, something stylish to compliment the products sold and will turn heads as they walk past. A shipping container pop up shop can be set up in minutes and be transported easily if you wish to cover multiple sites.

On trend modifications for shipping container pop up shops include:
• Large servery awnings and timber counter tops
• Hydraulic fold down walls – this creates a much larger footprint and a great deck space
• Timber cladding on the exterior of the container
• Large glass stacker doors inside wall – opens the container right up and so much light

Shipping container pop up shops come can be built from 3 different container sizes

10ft Shipping Container – internal measurements
Length 2.80m – Width 2.33m – Standard Height 2.35m – High Cube 2.65m

20ft Shipping Container – internal measurements
Length 5.87m – Width 2.33m – Standard Height 2.35m – High Cube 2.65m

40ft Shipping Container – internal measurements
Length 12.00m – Width 2.33m – Standard Height 2.35m – High Cube 2.65m

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