Granny Flat House

Granny Flat House has an endless advantage of Building a new home with containers. It is a self-contained living zone usually located on the grounds. House must be self-contained means it has a separate entrance as well as kitchen, bedroom and living area also. It is designed for one or two-person. It is alike single-family home. Granny flats are nothing but a secondary dwelling. It can be attached or detached to the other house. It means we can add it into our property list. Granny flats can be built in the residential area. Every residential property is limited to only one granny flat. In the state of NSW regulation permits if a block is over 450 sqr meters you do not require a building permit, making it an affordable option to extend living space. The owner of that particular granny flat must be the owner of that primary dwelling. You can attach your granny flat to your primary dwelling or keep it free. These flats cannot be built on an unoccupied area. It comes into the tiny house category. Tiny house living has been a boom for grandparents because they are easy and affordable housing. With a granny flat, you can also design for teenagers, young adults their own private space.

Source of Income

Granny flat offer some other advantages also you can give it on rent. It may be another source of income to you and if you are living in the residential area then you can also get more costing. If it is done correctly then granny flat is a fantastic strategy.
Setup costs are minimal and in most states in Australia permits are easy to acquire and the materials are easily attained and the lower building skills you need to construct the building allows DYI market to make extra living space and affordable reality. Providing affordable housing to most of the community.

Types of Granny flats

1) Detached Granny flat

A detached granny flat is standalone and not connected to home. Granny flat is a secondary dwelling so it is a part of the dwelling. Building a detached granny flat can be the best use as an investment. As it has a separate entry from your main home and creates more privacy for your family. Everything will be separated in a detached granny flat.

2) Attached Granny Flat

An attached granny flat will be joined to the main house on the property. It is designed like attached to the home. No more privacy in an attached granny flat because these are attached with your existing dwelling. In attached granny flat not everything will be separated but require a separate entrance.

3) Melbourne Granny Flat

In Melbourne, a secondary dwelling is classified as a granny flat. Whether or not it is occupied by family members or someone else. You required some project and planning to build a granny flat. You required a building permit to build a granny flat in Melbourne. You can give on rent part-time or full time, it’s your choice.

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Granny Flat House

Granny Flat House

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