5 Myths about modified shipping containers

Myth 1: Modified Shipping Container are so strong you can do anything with them.​

The truth is, Modified Shipping Container are extremely strong but it’s no different to say, the Sydney Harbor Bridge for instance. The bridge needs every piece of steel it has to maintain its structural integrity, and this is the same for a shipping container. Let’s take a 20ft container and remove one entire long wall because you want to install a lovely large roller door in its place (fantastic idea these make awesome workshops). In order to install that roller door correctly, the shipping container company that you have commissioned to do the work needs to run some calculations in order to maintain its structural integrity. From example, how big of a header beam will need to be installed to counteract the loss of the wall? and to add a further degree of rigidity do they need to install extra bracing on the I beam on the bottom? See a shipping container is built to be very strong while its complete. Remove part of the container and I will have the integrity of a large bowl of jelly. (ok not quite but you know what I’m getting at. All Shipping Container Companies that are part of the Containify Movement are selected for their outstanding Mod work and if our engineers require them to do it a particular way, this will be what your can expect to receive.

Myth 3: Modified Shipping Container Homes are Cheap to Build​

Wow we get this one a Lot !!! the short of it is No, now let me explain. If you have a bush block and you want a build weekender, something with a couple bedrooms a nice kitchen and bathroom and a space to hang out. Then yeah this can be cheap and on site quickly, especially getting quotes from the builders in Containify. But if you have a block in the suburbs of Brisbane and you think I really like the look of these shipping container houses. 5 beds, a large open plan living, 2 bathrooms and an awesome kitchen. Something like this is going to be marginal to a spec house builder. The people who build these houses have the money to spend and they are willing to pay for something that will turn heads. They have had an architect working with them for months to come up with a design that will set them apart. Now there is always exceptions to the rules, say you’re a carpenter and you just need the boxes with all the steel work done and all the cut outs for windows and doors. You have the contacts for any other trades that may need to come in for a day or two and your going to do the majority work yourself. Going down this way you will get that great modern architecturally designed shipping container house far cheaper than any spec house..

Myth 4: Converting Shipping Containers is the “green” thing to do because I’m recycling​

When a shipping container is built in China, that container then goes to work for the next 10 -12 years on the shipping lines. At the end of that period the shipping lines decommission these boxes to container resellers around the world. Now you can imagine the life these boxes have had and who knows what has been in it. When modifying a shipping container through Containify, the container
builders will 9 times out of 10 offer a “single trip” container to modify. This way they can all but guarantee a perfect container to cut, weld and paint. Single trip containers are built also in China but instead of going to work for the next 10 years they do one trip into the country (normally with some stock in it) and sold directly to the public. Never to see the salty waves of the ocean again. So the only “green” approach with shipping containers is if you work with and upcycle a decommissioned box but make sure you inspect first as these normally will be pretty tired after 12 years of work.

Myth 5: All shipping container companies can do the same work​

This is the main reason Containify was created, as not all shipping container companies are equal. Containify has a very sticked approval process when it comes to suppliers and having them quote on your work. If a company is not doing something correctly or Containify has a better way for create a component, this is quickly updated with them. It is important that when you get your 5 quotes every builder will construct your build the same way (the right or best way) and it will come down to Build times, Prices and Great Service that will determine who wins your business. Containify has a vast network of suppliers from the very big to the small boutique modifiers, all can build your container perfectly. It will be down to who you like better to complete your project.

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