Shipping Container Ablution Blocks


Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers


Customised modified shipping containers

Shipping Container Ablution Unit

Portable Ablution Blocks

Shipping container ablution units are awesome, so much better than those disgusting alternatives. All staff need toilet amenities and building a shipping container ablution block can be much cheaper than you think. We design and build our shipping container ablutions so they feel just like home, comfortable and spacious. Cleverly designed layouts with wells placed hand wash stations and urinals as well. They come in a range of sizes and can be fitted with change rooms, lockers, fans, urinals, toilets, mirrors, air conditioning, disabled toilet, vents, lighting and more. Suitable for portable toilet on a mining site, music festivals and farms. 

Shipping Container Ablution Unit

Shipping Container Ablution Blocks

Containify’s shipping container ablution block can be designed and built in a range of sizes. From a small 10 foot container fitting two toilets or a toilet and shower. Need something a little bigger? What about a 20-foot ablution unit, a couple of toilets and a disabled toilet on one end or maybe all toilets, male and female. Or a 40-foot container with male /female toilets and showers. Our shipping container ablution features include solid steel structural components, timber flooring, standard double doors, personnel entry door and are fully painted inside and out. 

Toilet Shipping Container

Off-Grid Ablution Blocks

Containify can design and build remote area toilet blocks as well. Water tanks a solar panel powered low voltage priming pumps can be added to a great layout. Now you can shower and use a restroom when water and power are miles away.

Toilet Shipping Container

Portable Toilets built for any need

If you are an event manager looking to great amenities, A mine site needing toilets to move with your crew or a building site and could do with something strong and portable a shipping container ablution needs to be considered. Shipping container toilet pods can even be designed with holding sumps under the floor with easy pump out outlets when full.

Shipping Container Ablution Blocks include

  • Multiple entries for male and female
  • Disable toilet and shower areas
  • Fully sealed
  • Multiple options for internal finishes

Custom Modified Amenities Blocks

Do you require an ablution block but also need a secure storage area or a workshop? Why not get the Containify team to design a multi-purpose modified shipping container. On one side a well quipped toilet block divided by a solid steel wall and on the other side a storage unit or workshop for tools and machinery.

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Start Designing your Modified Shipping Container today with our leading edge 3D container builder software. We have a substantial range of shipping containers available, such as cafes, bars, ablution units, granny flats, site offices, dangerous goods and custom builds. Utilise our unique 3D container builder to custom design and bring your Modified Shipping Container concept to life. Bring us your ideas and we will turn your design into one which meets all regulatory requirements and ensures you have the modified shipping containers of your dreams.

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