Why shipping container workshops are popping up everywhere?

We think it’s down to, they can be completely customer built to your requirements or that they can travel with you as you move. To be honest there are hundreds of reasons why a shipping container workshop is an awesome idea.
Shipping Containers are built super tough and built for a hard life, now if you add a few windows some shelving and a workbench and some power you are well on your way to a very functional workshop for home or work.
The applications for a shipping container workshop are endless, from an art studio to finish that masterpiece you have been working on, to an industrial workshop looking a cost effective way to expand the productivity on site and right through to heavy industry requiring a heavy duty workshop to move from construction site to the next or underground in a mine.
Using Containify to quickly design your own Shipping Container Workshop could be the easiest process you’ll take, you make it the way and local container builders offer their best price to build it.
This means your next shipping container workshop could be landed on site within a couple weeks.
Shipping container workshops can be transported all over Australia and the World, so if the job site is constantly changing you know your tools and equipment can travel as well. This can be an amazing cost saving as there is no down time and the workers are back into it sooner.
The options for transporting your shipping container workshop are by truck, rail and ship and as the workshop retains its structural integrity the workshops can be craned into position for those tricky

Some of the top reasons a shipping container workshop is a great option:​

Portable: They can go just about anywhere and to every corner of this great country extremely cheaply.

Cost Effective: You can have a workshop built extremely cheaply, some of the more basic designs can be as cheap as a few thousand. Not to mention the thousands of dollars save when compared to conventional building.

Custom made: Don’t go buying something off the shelf or a design someone else thought of, create your own design in just a couple minutes and have it delivered within weeks. Designed by you and built for you.

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