Granny Flat House

Granny Flat House

Granny Flat House Granny Flat House has an endless advantage of Building a new home with containers. It is a self-contained living zone usually located on the grounds. House must be self-contained means it has a separate entrance as well as kitchen, bedroom and living area also. It is designed for one or two-person. It

Shipping container restaurant

Shipping container restaurant

Food restaurants and cafes have become more progressive and well-designed with shipping containers. Nowadays shipping containers were used by many food restaurants.One of the largest reason for building a shipping container restaurant is because it’s Eco-friendly. There are around seventeen million shipping containers within the world, half-dozen million of those in use and eleven million shipping containers

Shipping Container Shed

Shipping container shed

Do Shipping Containers make Great Garden Sheds? Storage space in our houses are becoming scarcer with every month that passes, therefore a securelockable shed is almost a must for any backyard today. Every tinkerer at heart needs aworkspace that they can call home or just to store their gardening gear. Start your Shipping Container Shed

Create a Shipping Container Tiny House in 8 Easy Steps

Shipping Container Tiny Houses are going to be a BIG thing in Australia over the next 5 years, you’ve heard it here first. I just love traditional tiny houses, even more Shipping Container Tiny Homes. I’m amazed to see people’s creativity not to mention the weird and wonderful designs they come up within the Free

Shipping container bathroom pods

bathroom pods

Its never a nice thing to think about but when you need to go, you need to go. Shipping Container ablution blocks are starting to pop up everywhere, music events, construction sites, office extensions and all areas where bathrooms are a most. You will be able to quickly design your very own ablution/toilet block with

Shipping Container Pop up shops

Shipping container restaurant

Got a small business and need a trendy space to work out of? Well you’re not alone, thousands of Australians are using modified shipping containers for this very reason. Pop up shops, pop up bars, cafés and kiosks just to name a few. It’s an unconventional form for marketing that is interesting to customers and

5 Myths about modified shipping containers

Myth 1: Shipping Containers are so strong you can do anything with them.​ The truth is, shipping containers are extremely strong but it’s no different to say, the Sydney Harbor Bridge for instance. The bridge needs every piece of steel it has to maintain its structural integrity, and this is the same for a shipping

5 reasons to build a shipping container granny flat

1. Shipping container conversions can be extremely cost effective and quick to build, when you use Containify to connect you to the best builders and at the best price. The Converted shipping containers are easy to delivery and will come in most cases 95% complete. Shipping container granny flats can be built for off the

Cafes built from Shipping Containers

Australia loves their coffee, and small business owners are doing very well with a shipping container café. It’s really such a great way to stand out from the crowd and offer the customer something a little different. When creating your shipping container café through Containify you build it the way you want it to look

Why shipping container workshops are popping up everywhere?

We think it’s down to, they can be completely customer built to your requirements or that they can travel with you as you move. To be honest there are hundreds of reasons why a shipping container workshop is an awesome idea. Shipping Containers are built super tough and built for a hard life, now if