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The year 2020 was a massive year for converted shipping containers around Australia and though there were hundreds of completed jobs we managed to pick the best builds and designs. You truly are only limited by your imagination when it comes to modifying a shipping container into whatever solution you need for an existing problem. If you have got a problem and you’re not sure how a shipping container can fit into that solution, we’ve got a dedicated team here at Containify who thrive off developing bespoke and one off designs with you.

When thinking converted shipping containers the mind starts to boggle, there’s so much you can do with a converted shipping container these days, so to start getting your mind ticking over Containify has created a list of the 7 most amazing converted shipping container builds of 2020.

The Shipping Container Tiny Home

Shipping container tiny homes are just starting to explode here in Australia. With the high demand growing month on month. It’s a lot easier than you think getting a converted shipping container build and delivered to your property. There are so many benefits to converting a shipping container into a tiny home, whether it be for a solid investment and great annual returns, or the grandparents have decided to move in. Containify can handle the entire process not only construction of your tiny home but all appropriate local council approval and site inspections.

Shipping Container Office

With most of us working from home due to the pandemic at some stage 2020, having a separate space to conduct work has made so much sense. Shipping container offices are also a great way to expand and house additional works if your factory has run out of room. These container offices can also be transported easily to follow your staff from site to site. With different sizes to choose from they will be at container office that’s perfect for your needs.

Shipping Container Cafe

Containify can handle the entire process not only construction of your tiny home but all appropriate local council approval and site inspections. Shipping container cafes are such a versatile product, they work well as a pop-up store and can even complement existing businesses well by adding a cafe into the car park to draw in more customers. 

Shipping container cafes are so popular these days that when you think converted shipping containers, the first thing that comes to mind is a café! Build time for a container cafe is normally around six weeks, so you can be up and running in your own small business in just under two months.

Shipping Container Bar

Hotels, pubs and clubs are really taking to the idea of adding an additional shipping container bar into their beer gardens or un-utilised space. No matter what industry you’re in, we are always looking for a competitive edge and it’s no different with the bars and clubs. 

Creating unique bar spaces out of a converted shipping container is just one way to attract the crowds and offer up something a little bit different to bring those crowds in. Shipping container bars are also an innovative way of expanding your brand; you can take your bar or club to different events with easy transport and set up.

Tradeshow Event Container

If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow or an industry event, you’ll see that your competition is fierce. They are all trying to capture the imagination and the attention of the public as they walk past. Not to mention, the massive expense that some vendors go to, to create these event kiosks. 

Trade show event shipping containers are a terrific idea, these converted shipping containers can be built in a way that they can adapt and change depending on the event or space that you’re working from. Flexible display options, even utilising the roof of a shipping container are just some of the many options that are available to create a real head turner and attract more customer to your stall.

Shipping Container Kitchen

Calling all small business start-ups or existing catering businesses that need additional commercial kitchen space. Have you ever thought of converting a modified shipping container into a commercial shipping container kitchen? If you haven’t, well have a look at the photos below and to see how much commercial equipment we can fit into a shipping container space. Why not even consider splitting the container to have part commercial kitchen and the other half for servery area, turning the container into a one stop takeaway shop. Some of the feedback we’ve had from our chefs working in container kitchens is the fact that everything is it reach, and productivity goes through the roof.

Converted Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Workshop

If you need a workshop for the backyard because you have run out of space or a commercial shipping container workshop to house specific equipment and require the flexibility of having the workshop move with you as the work changes from site to site. Then a shipping container workshop is exactly what you need. 

When Containify create workshops from a modified shipping container, we really look at the problems that you’re facing and how the workshop can solve those problems in a real solution that’s containerized and fully mobile. Workshops can be designed with transportation in mind or can be constructed as a permanent fixture.

Products that may interest you

Check out our most popular converted shipping container products below that are recommended for you.

Converted Shipping Containers

We really hope that this article has activated your creative senses and opened your mind to the endless possibilities of what’s available when it comes to a modified shipping container and how many different uses a converted container can be used for. Containify takes our converted shipping container solutions seriously, that’s why you will always be appointed a project manager, who will be with you right from the beginning including quoting, approval of drawings, construction, and finally the delivery.

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