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The first phase of the Containify process is to share your ideas, brand and objectives of your modified shipping container project with our team. Our team will assist you in designing your concept.  We will work together in constant communication to develop the perfect containerised solution for you. We balance our clients expectations so that the modified shipping container concept is exactly what you want, what you have been quoted for and what you expect. 

Every project will have fully detailed costs to start with to constant updates and approvals for changes, from planning a project timeline and setting deadlines to start with to move things around to make it work when situations change. Our experienced project managers are dynamic and effective at delivering beautiful shipping container modification projects of all shapes and sizes.


The second phase is to bring the concept to life in our modification factory. At Containify we can create any type of shipping container modification from corporate boxes, event containers, container bars to site offices, lunch room and container workshops. Bring your idea to life, fully incorporated and mobile. You’re only limited by your imagination!

 Our modification factory is large enough to accommodate the production of any size shipping container project produced by our experienced and qualified build specialists. We have a modification team that are highly skilled in delivering the results we are well known for in our industry. Compared to traditional construction, shipping container modifications take significantly less time to build. With a modified shipping container, businesses can get started sooner, reducing the time it takes to see a return on their investment. 

Call us today to start your dream modified shipping container project.


The third phase is for the Containify team to carefully manage the complete delivery process and on-site installation leaving you stress free. If a truck break downs delivering your modified shipping container, rest assured we will have a backup plan to the solve problem. Our team will move mountains to solves all challenges. We make it happen! 

Use our on-site installation team for your custom designed shipping container at any event to raise brand awareness and promote your business in a unique and innovative way. You’ll be able to create a once in a lifetime experience for every customer with a completed customised design that accurately represents your brand. Just let us know what you require, and we’ll deliver your box on time to impress you and your customers.

We have the best possible team to assemble your finished modified project on site! Drive engagement and raise your company presence anywhere with our transportable modified containers. 

"Building a shipping container granny flat was a solid
investment in my backyard."
Graham Henderson

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Start your modified shipping container project

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Take the steps to move from ambition to action.

Your container project

Take the steps to move from ambition to action.

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