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Containify is a leading organisation for all things shipping containers, providing unique custom designed modified shipping containers and flexible designs for clients across Australia.

Containify’s team consists of industry specialists with a passion for modifying shipping containers. Our team will be highly involved in the design process from start to finish, creating a relationship with clients from years to come. 

We pride ourselves on working closely with you to truly understand what your requirements are to ensure the best design and build for your shipping container modification. 

 We are the team that you can rely on!


We can modify any type of shipping container from a granny flat in the backyard to a mining camp to accommodate 500 workers. An office studio for the wife to paint through to amulti-storyoffice able to be separated and transported from job to job. Or what about a secure canteen for the local football club or a bespoke café that will turn heads? Containify and its team will not only help your dream become a reality but will be on your side to make sure you get the best deal, every time!

Containify was formed for one reason, to put the power back in the customers hand throughout the design and build process. We understand the importance of maximising a modified shipping containers value and working with our clients to achieve the best possible modified shipping container experience. 

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New Clients
Projects Underway
Completed Projects


At Containify we have a world leading 3D container builder software that allows our customers to design their own modified shipping container and share it with the experts at Containify.


Containify builds all modified shipping containers in Australia. This gives us the power over quality assurance and lead times. We have complete control over the entire chain, from order to delivery.


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Your container project

Take the steps to move from ambition to action.

Shipping Container Products


Shipping container bar, designed to be robust and functional.


Bespoke shipping container cafe, kick start your pop up cafe today.


Modular and portable shipping container ablution toilet units.

Battery Storage

Self-contained shipping container granny flat, designed your way.

Custom builds

Modified shipping containers that are custom build to your needs.


Shipping container office safe, secure and comfortable.

Dangerous goods

All classes available, shipping container dangerous goods storage.

Granny flats

Self-contained shipping container granny flat, designed your way.


Built tough, custom-designed and made shipping container worksho