Things To Consider Before Installing A Ducted Air Conditioning

Nellie Marteen

Nellie Marteen


The summers are starting and it can get very hot and hence makes it difficult to stay at home without proper air conditioning. There are many expert companies in the Shire, providing air conditioning installation and repair services. However, before you hire one, consider the following things to ensure you get value for money.

What are your cooling needs?

It depends on how many rooms you have. Some of us have a 3 bedroom house and some of us have a studio apartment. Sit with the family to decide on which rooms need cooling and which rooms are okay to be left cooled by natural air.

Ducted air conditioning is a costly affair and it makes sense for you to optimize the costs and then proceed with the project. Some of the rooms may also suffice with a split air conditioning system and not need a ducted setup. Take time to carefully analyze the requirement and this will also help you with accurately briefing the air conditioning company when you reach out to them for cost.

Area of Roof space available

Ideally, there should be enough space in the room and also between the floor and the roof so that the installers can install the ducts without any issues and also move around machines freely. The ducts ideally need a space of 1-2.5 feet of space from the roof for easy installation and free flow of the air. The ideal height from the roof to the floor should be anywhere between 12-15 feet.

Apart from this height, it is also critical to check how the installers can get access to your home. The access path should be clear enough to move around the machines and personnel. Sometimes, the companies charge extra money if the installations are complex.

Things to think about outdoor

In addition to the requirement of enough space indoors, there is also a requirement to have enough space outdoors.s The area outside will house things such as outdoor unit, motor, and all the outlet and inlet pipes. A square meter of space is required by the outdoor units to be functional without any issues.

Generally, the outdoor units are noisy and it is advised to have these units installed away from the bedrooms and guest rooms. It is suggested to have the units placed either encapsulated in a soundproof box, which generally comes at an extra cost or away from the main rooms.


The ducting units for large homes will cost more than the units being installed for smaller houses. The cost of the systems also depends on various factors such as the company from which the machines are being bought and the material being used and the complexity of the installation area and finally the labor and transportation costs. In general, a cost range of A$ 3000 to A$8000 is something that you can consider while planning for ducting setup installation.

The Australian refrigeration council grants licenses to the professionals who are trained and who have enough knowledge to install ducts irrespective of space whether commercial or domestic. The Service NSW website also has information about the licensed contractors for duct installation. You can connect with them there as well.

Working with a licensed and professional ducted air conditioning company in Sutherland Shire is one of the best decisions that you can make before executing the project. Reach out to the experts and get the work done which lasts long and has minimal or no problems in the long run.

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