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Dangerous Goods Shipping Container

If you have a business or farm and you store potentially hazardous goods, a Dangerous Goods Containers(
Intermodal container) will be a must for compliance and safe storage of your products. Converting a shipping container into the appropriate dangerous goods class is more straight forward than you may think. Use the resources available to you through Containify to get the right design and the best price.
It is important to understand what class of dangerous goods you will be storing, Containify will be able to look over any MSDS sheets you have on each product to advise of the right class and the perfect design/layout for the Dangerous Goods Shipping Container.


Different Classes of Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

– Class 2 ( Gases ) Dangerous Goods AS 4332-2004

  • This will cover products such as; Liquefied gases, Flammable gases, Aerosols, Dissolved gases

– Class 3 ( Flammable Liquids ) Dangerous Goods AS 1940-2004

  • This will cover products such as; Oils, Fuels, Acetones, Paints, Adhesives, ethanol, methanol

– Class 4 ( Flammable Solids ) Dangerous Goods AS/NZS 5026-2012

  • This will cover products such as; Sulphur, matches, alkali metals, activated carbon

– Class 5.1 ( Oxidizing Products ) Dangerous Goods AS 4326-2008

  • This will cover products such as; Sodium nitrite, nitrate fertilizers, oxygen generators

– Class 5.2 ( Oxidizing Peroxides ) Dangerous Goods AS 2714-2008

  • This will cover products such as; Organic Peroxides, Sodium peroxide

– Class 6.1 ( Toxic Substances ) Dangerous Goods AS/NZS 4452-1997

  • This will cover Substances that cause death or injury if swallowed/inhaled or by skin contact.

– Class 7 ( Corrosive Substances ) Dangerous Goods AS 3780-2008

  • Substances which by chemical action, will cause severe damage when in contact with living tissue.

– Class 8 ( Miscellaneous ) Dangerous Goods AS/NZS 4681-2000

  • Substances that present a danger not covered by other classes.

Different Sizes and Features

Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers will come in standard sizes 10ft, 20ft and 40ft lengths. There have been times were a custom size can be achieved for example 30ft or 45ft. Within these lengths of containers there will be 2 different height options available:

  • Standard Height GP ( 8.6ft )
  • High Cube ( 9.6ft )

Through Containify we can design a Dangerous Goods Container with shelving, special insolation, explosive proof lighting and even air conditioning. Guaranteeing a solution that will give the maximum safety for the worker and the general public. If you also need a special custom built container you can also contact us.

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