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Don't limit your creativity! Imagine the perfect extension with unique shipping Container homes flat designs!

Designing your new and expanded Container homes is all about you and what your family need. You have complete control over what your shipping Container homes design includes, and which supplier you select to take it from concept to reality. Simply get started by selecting a Container homes size and adding all the features that will transform the container on screen, into the perfect space for a growing teen, an aging grandparent, a busy working parent, or children in need of a bigger play room! A few quick selections, and your design is with our community of suppliers for competitive quoting.

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For growing families, making enough Container homes for everyone to live comfortably, inevitably becomes a challenge ̶ and finding the best and most cost-effective way to expand, without leaving behind a home full of memories and a community full of support can be the biggest challenge of all!

Discover more space with shipping Container homes plans that are customisable, unique and clever, offering you a granny flat in the backyard, a spare room, home office or even rental accommodation for extra income, with just a few clicks. To begin planning, click ‘start’.

| Multiple quotes in minutes
| Save thousands
| Deal with the best builders

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We designed our unique software solution to change the game; to make the steps from concept to reality simpler and faster. We empower clients to develop their own, technically accurate Container homes designs with witch they can reach out to a marketplace of suppliers, selected for their quality, skills and competitive pricing , and receive a multitude of quotes. What you get with Containify:

  • Decades of knowledge channelled into simple and effective software
  • Unlimited FREE design projects
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  • Multiple quotes so you can choose the best supplier for your project
| Multiple quotes in minutes
| Save thousands
| Deal with the best builders

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Click REGISTER to create your own free account. Come and go as you please, your build will be there for when you need it. Each account can have up to 3 saved designs at any given time.


The design software gives you all the container modifications at your fingertips. Start creating your new office, workshop or café today. And With an ever-growing library of different mods.

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As you drag your components onto your build your market estimate price to construction your design will adjust. Design within your budget and one your completely happy you can submit for formal quotes.

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Can’t contain it any longer? Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves! Below you will see an ever- growing list of frequently asked questions, information and guidance that will help you get your project get off the ground and make the process very easy. If you have a question that you can’t see the answer for, please do get in contact we us. If we don’t have the answer on hand, we will find it and together we can share the information with others.

1. What is your QA process and how will I be informed of the progress throughout the build?

2. Once I pay my deposit how long will it be until my container is completed?
Each container company will have their own payment terms, the larger the company is “normally” the small the deposit. In saying that the rule of thumb is 50% to start the build and the final 50% before delivery.

The trade off with some of the smaller boutique builders is, they may be a lot cheaper to build your container, but they may require a larger deposit to start.
Yes, most of the time finance will be available to both personal and business clients. We would suggest you ask the best 3 companies you have short listed to construct your shipping container if they are set up to offer finance. If you strike out then pick the company you with to do business with and give Containify a call, to arrange the finance. After all, Containify is here for you.
Short answer Yes, it is always best practice to contact your local council. Metro areas, your council will normally require some paperwork before any container can go onto site. As you move further regional and then to Rural the council process will become straight forward.
The company you choose to build your container will also arrange the transport to site. As part of their quoting process your site will be assessed, and appropriate transportation will be factored into your quote.
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